We’re deligted to hear that you want to participate in the upcoming seminar and lend us a hand in promoting the event and making it memorable. 

Harvest of righteousness 2021 is an international Sukkot celebration. It aims to connect all friends of Netivyah bible instruction ministry and Roeh Israel Congregation as well as others who are interested in studying the new testament in it’s first century Jewish context.

The seminar grows around the three Bible teachings by Netivyah staff but the focus is on coming together in celebration of the God appointed feast of tabernacles as Jews and Gentiles from all around the world. In between the lessons we hope to provide a room for our partners from different countries to bless all attendees with a greeting from their local communities.

Promotion and advertisement

We ask you to promote the seminar within your community and invite people to join by spreading the links to the info page and the registration page.

Additionally we can provide a pdf leaflet with basic information. Feel free to use it as it is or translate it to your native language.

Video greetings

Friends of Netivyah and Roeh Israel from all over the world will participate in the seminar. If you wish to send everyone a tangible greeting from your community you can prepare a short video (3-5 min) about your ministry in your country. We will show the prepared videos to our audience during breaks. If you wish to prepare a longer video presentation, we will only show it once, during lunch break. 

Videos should be uploaded latest on 23.9.2021 via this upload link.


The whole seminar and the teachings will be in English. The platform provides a possibilty for multiple translations.

If you feel that there are a great number of people that would benefit from the seminar translated in to your native language and you would be able to help us to find a translator please contact Miika Lemponen

We’ll need the contact information and email of the translators to be able to set them up as translators on the zoom platform.

Technical training

We will provide all the needed technical information. Training sessions for the translators on how to set up the zoom for translation purposes will be held before the seminar. As translator you can choose a time for technical training that suits you best from the following schedule.

Tue 21.9.2021

  • Technical Training Session 1 (9:00 IDT)
  • Technical Training Session 2 (11:00 IDT)
  • Technical Training Session 3 (14:00 IDT)

Thu 23.9.2021

  • Technical Training Session 1 (9:00 IDT)
  • Technical Training Session 2 (11:00 IDT)
  • Technical Training Session 3 (14:00 IDT)